Ajrak is a special art of printing shawls. The main feature of Ajrak is the fact that it follows a very detailed block printing mechanism of decorating shawls. The colors which are mostly used to make and provide contrast to the decoration of the shawls include more variations other than the basic red, green, blue, black and yellow. Ajrak is a modern mode and discovery in block printing and has attained a pedestal of being an esteemed representation of the culture and heritage of the Sindh civilization. It hence promotes the cultivation and yielding of cotton trees for making clothes and in particular Shawls.

Since, it includes the application of patterning and alternating with designs and colors, the staining and coloring mechanism requires a very accurate and deft precision of artistic skills. A collection of cotton balls is followed by treating each collection of the blocks uniquely with specific designing patterns. Then a particular design block is selected, followed by designing a pattern and coloring one impression at an instant. Then the entire shawl gets decorated completely with the designs. Finally, the shawl is laid out in the sun where the colors dry to perfection.

The block printing technique has been modified and adorned with more extensive usage of dyes, colours, and liquid components necessary for strengthening the bondage of colour with the cloth.  It has found usage in various textures of materials used in making the shawls. The distribution of its patterns has also been mechanized to assist in the affordability of the entire printing. It is the innovation in a modern printing of shawls, therefore in the times of requirement of the shawls, as in winter onset, the sale of the Ajrak technique gets to enjoy huge benefits and continuous profits from markets that cater to shawls. It is a sense of great respect for the Ajrak makers during the felicitation and welcoming of respected guests in social occasions.

Throughout the years, across the Sindh civilization and pertaining to the publicity and recognition that it has been promoted to, it has enhanced in its global appeal through national and international markets. The business suffers a considerably low amount of risks and production threats. This ensures their steady rise and dominance in terms of profit. It comes in various designs and illustrations. These heavily designed and contrasted shawls greatly enhance the appearance of any person who chooses to don it. The Ajrak shawl is in itself a wonderful accessory and can bring about the beauty of any outfit, whether it is a kurti or a saree.