Bagh printing is essentially block printing, which is a technique that has been practiced for several centuries. The earliest evidence of block printing dates back to the time of Alexander the Great, wherein he has specifically mentioned India’s ‘beautiful printed cotton’. 

Bagh printing basically involved blocks that are carved onto motifs that represent flora such as Jasmine, Mushroom, lehariya and so on. There are some prints that were inspired by the jaali work that embellished the Taj Mahal and various other forts. Inspiration is also drawn from the landscapes and geometrical figures. The motifs evoke various moods in the serenity of the prints and that is the catchy element of Bagh prints. The Bagh prints are basically floral and geometrical patterns and the blocks for Bagh printing are crafted with great skill by block makers that reside in Pethapur, Gujarat.

‘Bagh prints’  are an all time favorite in the Indian subcontinent primarily because the material is very comfortable and soft. There is a variety of Bagh printed merchandise that is commonly found such as bed covers, cushion covers, table covers, runners, mats, ladies suits and sarees, kurtis, dupattas, skirts and dresses amongst other things.  A lot of trendy and contemporary prints are now being used by the Bagh printers along with more fabrics apart from Cotton such as Silk, Crepe, and Tassar with fabulous results. Bagh prints are very fashionable and people are developing a new connect with this beautiful art form which is a part of the rich Indian textile heritage.

Bagh printed fabrics are washed three times before being sent out to the market. Generally color does not leak from the fabric; however, it is advisable to get the fabric dry cleaned the first time. It can be lightly washed later on and is not difficult to maintain. Bagh prints are very trendy, particularly because they can give a very nice ethnic twist that exudes simplicity yet sophistication. From scarves, dupattas, and kurtas to patialas and salwar- Bagh prints can be mixed and matched to give a trendy casual look.