Wispy, soft tissue like fabrics with gorgeous designs, Brasso is unique in every sense of the word. Also popularly known as ‘burnt out fabric’, brasso has been around for years and has been a great source of creative inspiration for craftsman and designers across the world. From lehengas to saris, and salwar kurtas, brasso has been a defining niche of Indian fashion across various style spectrum. The fabric can vary from Chiffon to Velvet, and even Corduroy. Moreover, it can be textured in various ways and has an exclusive sense of style unlike other fabrics and designs.

Brasso is generally made out of an acid itch process which involves the burning of fabric in order to create a more textured design. This technique can be applied to all kinds of soft fabrics like tissue, chiffon, silk, and velvet. This technique is beautiful, ornate and looks glamorous on all kinds of Indian ethnic wear. The flowy drape like appeal that is intrinsic with a traditional style is an inherent quality present in Brasso. Apart from brasso sarees, salwar suits and lehengas, brasso fabric is also widely used in lingerie, cushion covers, curtains, table cloths, scarfs and bed spreads. Brasso defined accessories give off a more luxurious and elaborate look to one’s home, and are also considered high end in terms of style and fashion.

Brasso is a delicate fabric and therefore requires gentle care as well. Whether it’s a sari, salwar suit or a lehenga, one must send in their brasso made attires for dry cleaning in order to get the best results. Also, keeping the clothes in an air tight box is advisable in order to keep the longevity of the fabric, design and color.