A clothing, ironed and well-maintained lends a well groomed look to the wearer. Therefore it might sound surprising that a crumpled looking piece of apparel also sets about achieving the same effect. But that is what designers hit upon when they wanted to give a unique twist to a piece of fabric. They came up with the concept of crushed fabric. Using an elaborate process involving trimming, heating and use of dye solutions, the piece of fabric is duly crushed and sports a wrinkled look with a wide range of designs.

Initially Silk and Velvet were the fabrics with which the concept of crushed fabric was used. However in today’s times, the crushed look has been taken forward to fabrics like Cotton, Chiffon, Georgette and even synthetic fabrics like Polyester. While Velvet and Silk were made as crushed a long time ago, the need to try and adapt the texture to other fabrics has been fuelled by the desire to make it available at a more affordable cost.

Crushed fabric has acquired a new sense of fashion and is actively sold to the world by various manufacturers through location stores and websites. Since it talks mainly about Ladies wear, clothing can be accessorized with ethnic looking earrings, neckpieces, and bangles. In the case of lehengas or salwar, kurtas, jootis can be used for footwear.

Depending on the fabric, the recommended washing procedure varies. For cotton, a gentle hand wash in cold water is recommended. For other fabrics, the recommendation is dry cleaning for at least the first wash. Ironing is optional and may be done using moderate temperature.