Georgette is a light-weight, crinkled and sheer fabric, displaying an overall bouncy look. A strong absorbent, Georgette is easy to dye and has dull-rough texture. Pure Georgette is woven out of Silk yarns, while the Faux Georgette is woven from Rayon and Polyester.

It is highly believed that the main source of inspiration for this creation was the similar material ‘Chiffon’; Georgette is a more durable and a stronger fabric. It is sheer and comes in both translucent and opaque textures. Usually this fabric gives out a crushed or twisted feel. Modern Georgette is mostly made with the use of synthetic filaments. The most intriguing part of the making of Georgette is the crepe like twist. It is made with crepe weave by alternating between two ends of the right hand with two ends of the left- hand hard twist yarns.

Blouses, dresses, saris, gowns and skirts are some of the most common garments on which fashion designers frequently use Georgette. Many fashion designers also use Georgette to adorn and accessorize their designs, due to its highly absorbent nature. Strings, Waist belts, Bows, Scarves, Veils are few to name. Stockings and accessories for slips on is another area of trending designs in Georgette.

If what you seek is clingy and flowing, then Georgette is your best friend. With its crepe-like texture and its unusual strength when compared to its counterparts, Georgette is widely favored for springy and lively gowns and dresses. The tendency of the fabric to drape very well makes it an apt choice for many women who love the soft silky yet comfortable look.

Though Georgette is considered a stronger material than chiffon, it is still advisable to follow special care while washing. Some key methods that can be followed include:

  • Hand wash
  • Usage of a very light detergent
  • Air drying is apt as over-exposure to sunlight often causes the fabric to lose its color