The folk cultures of Gujarat and Rajasthan are renowned across the globe for their ethnic exuberance, and traditional fashion. This lavishness and richness beautifully reflect in the colorful textiles of the states. 

Dots, squares, waves and stripes on cloth, narrate a color story of pink, red, blue, green, brown and other hues, taking you through the astounding traditional art of Bandhani. Designed in breathtaking patterns, this tie and dye art mirrors the skillful Indian artistry. Bandhani lies in the heart of Rajasthan and Gujarat, but today the vividness of Bandhani is not just limited to the rustic lanes of these states, but is the epitome of the colorful culture of India.

Bandhej is spread across different backdrops. This art of tie-dye is breathing into Indian music, art, culture and fashion. Enthusiastic and lively groups of pop artists from Rajasthan playing musical diversity in India, are not just taking India to the world, but their colorful costumes with Bandhani turbans evidently highlight their love for this traditional and Indian culture.

Testifying the richness of Gujarat textile heritage, Bandhani is celebrated in Indian festivals, bringing together people during Dandiya and Garba-Raas. Modern India has been exploring the spectacular side of Bandhani by fusing it with western silhouettes, to refashion it in contemporary avatars. Bandhani printed accessories and clothing are making its presence feel in every realm of fashion.

So, next time you buy a Bandhani dupatta, the moment you start exploring and unraveling the hues and patterns of Bandhej, you know you’ll not be owning just another outfit but a unique art in your closet in its knotted and folded avatars. And the excitement and spirit of new-found wonder is like that of a child who feels impatient when un-wrapping his gift.