Brocade fabrics are a type of shuttle-woven textiles generally made with metallic yarns. Because of their appearance, these fabrics are especially famous amongst designers. Brocade is used to make high end fashion garments and evening gowns. Originally it was fabricated from silk, however these days you could discover it in all forms of fibers. This fairly rich looking and heavy fabric is distinguished because of its royal appearance. Brocade fabrics have a high raised design which appears during its weaving process. Brocade, generally having a twill, satin or plain weave looks amazing on people of all age groups and can easily be adorned for home décor or as a fashion accessory.  Today, it is primarily used in home furnishings and to create beautiful, special-occasion garments like bridal gowns.

Brocade industry is still flourishing in many parts of the world; however, it is used for making high end fashion garments. Banarasi Brocade fabric is worn in special occasions across the nation. Brocade is considered as a rich looking fabric because of its fine gold and zari work across its surface. Buy Brocade Fabric online at Kapda Shop. Brocade fabric is smooth and it is highly lustrous. Banarasi brocade sarees add beauty and elegance to the overall appearance of the wearer. Generally woven on silk fabric, Brocade is a beautifully decorated fabric that produces rich designs.

Kapda Shop is a one stop shop for festive shopping especially when it comes to a wider variety of Brocade fabrics. Kinkhwab is an intricate and a heavier version of Brocade fabrics. With an extensive amount of gold zari work on silk base fabric, Kinkhwab is an ideal choice for all the festive wear outfits. Brocade has been around for generations. The royal texture of Brocade looks alluring on blouses, lehengas, and sarees.

Types of Brocade Fabrics


Silk brocade is prized for its smooth feel and intricate patterns. As such, it is one of the most common types of brocade available on the market.


This type of brocade is easier to produce than silk brocade. This is because the patterns on cotton brocade are less complex.


Zari brocade consists of threads made of copper, silver or gold. 
Imitation zari brocade uses synthetic materials that mimic the appearance of copper, silver or gold.

Care of Brocade Fabrics

Heavy brocade fabrics usually require to be handled gently and with proper care. It is advised to dry clean Brocade Fabrics so that the intricate designs on the surface of the Brocade Fabrics does not get damaged. When ironing, do not use high temperatures. If you do, you might end up burning the soft thread used in weaving the fabric.

Modern Day Uses of Brocade

In the modern time period, Brocade fabrics are generally used for upholsteries and draperies. Make a statement with a luxurious accessory. Brocade fabrics can be adorned as a patch pocket and as a sleeve or a collar patch.

Brocades can also be combined with silk fabrics and chanderi to complete a festive look and make a statement. Cushions, handbags, clutches and what not; Brocade enhances the beauty of a basic looking accessory.

Typical Brocade fabrics have a detailed and rich looking appearance. They can be used in many modern forms; however, Banarasi Brocade sarees have our heart. They add beauty and grace and can be pulled off easily with minimal jewelry.

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