Mukesh work also known as Mokaish, Mukeish or Mukaish is a type of embroidery done in the capital of Uttar Pradesh i.e. Lucknow. This type of embroidery involves twisting thin metallic threads to create patterns all over the fabric. Although the most common pattern is dots, other patterns are also created in Mukesh work.

While pure Mukeish work sarees were highly exclusive, Mukaish work in itself was seen as an accompaniment to chikankari. This embroidery has been and still is used widely to enhance the beauty of a chikankari garment. More often than not, heavily embroidered chikan garments have highlights of Mukesh work amalgamated into them.

Chikankari as a craft flourished and spread far and wide while Mukesh work continued to die out. Although the exact reasons remain unknown, Mukesh work is said to be an expensive as well as labor and time intensive craft which has diminished in status and popularity over the years.

Mukesh work transpired as a way to beautify chikankari embroidery. As the metallic threads used in Mukesh work were initially precious metals such as gold and silver, this craft was capital intensive. This work is done usually on chiffon and georgette fabrics. However, cotton is also another viable option since chikankari on cotton is renowned throughout the world. Mukesh work takes on two avatars i.e. Fardi ka kaam that women do within their homes and Kamdani which is done by elderly men.

Exclusive Mukesh work craftsmen are fewer in number nowadays. However, since the art of chikankaari is so popular many of these artisans have taken primarily to this line, mixing their knowledge of Mukesh with it. The knowledge of Mukesh work exclusively is no longer as rich as it was.

Since the overall look that Mukesh work renders is a soft shimmer due to the metallic threads, depending on the style and color of the garment, one can accessorize the attire with gold or silver studded stilettoes and peep toes. Moreover, studded clutches complement Mukesh work very well and can be teamed up with salwar kameez as well as sarees.