Velvet is a kind of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads are distributed in an even manner in a short dense pile thus giving a very soft and smooth feel. Kapda Shop’s velvet fabric is traditionally made with silk, in which cotton is used only occasionally. Recently, there has been an advent of using synthetic fabrics for velvet.

Apart from the fabric, the word `velvety’ is also used to describe something smooth, soft and with a rich touch. Since a long time, velvet has come to be associated closely with royalty across continents. Velvet clothing, being visually gorgeous, creates a sophisticated and upper crust look. While Velvet manufacturing began as a very intricate art, today there are a number of producers across the world that make different varieties of Velvet.

In the Indian context, Velvet is used in ensemble as velvet sarees and blouses, anarkali suits, kurtas, sherwanis and in ethnic footwear like jootis or mojris. The range that stands out from the rest is the Kuba Velvet. With their sheer rich look, dresses and other clothing made from Velvet are the preferred choice for formal parties, weddings and festivals in India. The accessories too look royal in velvet, to name a few: hand clutches, shoes and more.

For silk and cotton Velvet, the recommendation is dry cleaning. Velveteen can be either washed in a washing machine or can be dry cleaned. The garments should always be turned inside out before the cleaning and ironing process.

Velvet is made by a weaving process on a special loom which generates twin layers of thicknesses of velvet at a single time. The end product is the result of a very intricate and tedious process. Earlier, Velvet was hand made and quite expensive- thus appealing mainly to royalty.

Currently though, with the development of power looms, Velvet has become more affordable and people across various sections aspire to be seen in Velvet clothing. Besides the affordable pricing, nowadays Velvet is made from cotton, linen, mohair and wool along with silk . Lately, synthetic Velvets too are being produced.

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