Choosing Patterns and colours that flatter your body type

The fashion world is extremely dynamic and trends can change in a blink of an eye. With things changing so quickly it can be hard to fit the trends while wearing clothes that flatter your body type and since clothes help us define ourselves it can be very stressful when they don’t make us feel good.  


The first step to knowing the patterns and colours that flatter you is knowing what your body type is. They are :                                 

  1. Apple shaped :  An apple body shape refers to women who are curvy but with a less defined waist. They alsoIt is also sometimes known as the circle or round body shape. Dark colours and black tend to be very flattering on these shapes. Those colours mixed with patterns that are fuller and cover the entire fabric are a perfect fit for this body type, although these fabrics can be hard to find, online fabric stores tend to have them available. Fabrics like printed corduroy or semi brocades are considered the top contenders. Tops that are a wrap or are peplum are both fashionable and perfect for this shape.


  1. Pear shaped : A pear shaped body type refers to women whose hips and thighs are bigger than their shoulders and bust. They usually have a well defined waist that is a little narrower than their hips. Bright colours suit these shapes the best as well as  tops that accentuate your upper half and waist. Pleated fabrics help draw attention to the right spots. The best way to draw eyes to your shoulders and achieve the perfect look would be off-shoulder dresses and tops. Jennifer Lopez  is most well known for having this body type. 


  1. Hourglass body: A hourglass shaped body type refers to a woman whose hips and shoulders are fairly equal and they have a very well defined waist. This shape is also sometimes referred to as curvy. People with this body type are in luck as most fashion today caters to them. Fitted and structured clothing look best and so do belts. Colour here takes a back seat as the fitting of the clothing matters more, which is why light, neutral colours are more suited to this body type. Just like colours less is more here which is why plain fabrics in materials such as chiffon or satin look best. If this is your body type then Kim kardashian is your best friend

  2. Inverted Triangle body shape: An inverted triangle shape refers to a woman whose shoulders and bust are wider than their hips and waist. The best way to create a show stopping look is to accentuate the waist and neckline. Scoop neck tops are a must have item for this body type and materials such as velvet can be carried easily by them. Another must have is texture clothing, an example of which can be jackets with fringes or press studs