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The only fabric guide you’ll ever need 

Clothing is one of the most important ways we express ourselves and fabric plays a huge role in that. Although it is such an important component , it can be very daunting to sift through so many options , weigh their merits and choose the right one for you. Whether you are buying fabric online or offline, knowing your fabrics is extremely important. Which is where we come in! We compiled this comprehensive guide so you can make the right choice as more and more people turn to online fabric store and online fabric wholesale

  • Types of fabrics to choose from

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  1. Cotton fabrics:

Cotton is often referred to as the OG fabric as it has been used for many decades or even centuries as the preferred material to make clothes out of. Its merits include being breathable, durable, skin - friendly and absorbent. Cotton is also extremely versatile and can be used to make every piece of clothing from tops to bottoms to dresses to even sarees. It can also be mixed with other fabrics such as silk to get an enhanced look. 

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  1. Chanderi fabrics

Chanderi is a simple fabric which is a  plain weave fabric with a simple shine. It used to be hand-spun cotton but is now made out of a mixture of silk, viscose,polyester etc. Chanderi's USP is that it's extremely lightweight and yet it has a nice shine to it. Chanderi is well known to be able to sport any colour and pastels are especially vibrant in this material. Made famous by the use of the fabric in making Chanderi sarees , the fabric is now used in a variety of decorations like pillows and upholstery. 

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  1. Silk fabrics:

Once a rarity only afforded to the rich and mighty , silk is now a very commonly used fabric for everything from clothing to decor to upholstery. It is one of the softest fabrics and is made by silkworms as well as the mixing of several different materials. One of the main reasons to buy silk is its lustre. It adds an elegant gleam to anything it's used for. There are over 30 different silk fabrics so it might be prudent to research a bit more about them before buying. 

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  1. Rayon fabrics

Rayon is another well known fabric. This one is all natural and is made from wood pulp and cellulose. The fabric is  breathable and flowy, perfect for dresses or tops but its heavy weight makes it not suitable for sarees or dupattas. It is also known that rayon is very easy to maintain , which includes the rayon mixes like rayon viscose. 

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  1. Muslin fabrics: 

Muslin is another fabric as old as time as it has been used for decades now. It is one of the smoothest and flowy fabrics and is known to be exceptionally soft. Muslin is always a good option for sarees as the clothing made from muslin helps accentuate your curves and enhance your look. 

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  1. Linen fabrics: 

If you are looking for the best fabric for a hot summer day , look no further than linen. It is extremely versatile but more than that it is durable, breathable, and has fast drying properties. It's the ideal fabric for a quick visit to the beach. 

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  1. Flannel fabrics:

Although the last fabric was best for a hot sunny day , this one is ideal for a dark, cold winter night. Flannel is a fabric made by mixing a thick cotton fabric with a soft brushed texture . flannels come in many patterns and can be used for outerwear, coats , shirts, vests, blankets or upholstery. 

  1. Tweed fabrics: 

Tweed is another famous winter fabric. Made with wool as a main component and can withstand even the harshest climates. It is also mixed with many different fabrics and is very rough to touch. Tweed is famously turned into jackets, coats and even bags. Used first by the Scottish and Irish to make skirts and overcoats, this material has a rich history. Tweed is one of those fabrics that are always in fashion. 

  1. Net fabrics:

Net fabrics are commonly translucent and embroidered with intricate and beautiful patterns which make it widely used for women’s party wear like lenghas and sarees. This fabric is lightweight  and fragile, a big target for moths and other cloth destroying insects. The fragility of the fabric often renders it unable for use in daily wear but many smart designers have managed to sneak in small amounts of it in tops and dresses. 

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  1. Velvet fabrics

Velvet is a fabric known for its sheer as well as its heaviness. Velvet is extremely soft and adds an air of luxury to whoever that wears it. It is made out of a mixture of many different materials and tends to stick to a person’s body. Online velvet fabric stores are well known to carry a huge variety of these fabrics. 

  • Where to shop for fabrics ?

When it comes to fabric shopping it's easy to get confused so here we have broken them down for you 


Shopping in person : 

  • This might be suitable for some as they like feeling and touching materials before buying them. Disadvantages for this include lack of choices and limited fabrics. 


Shopping for fabric online:

  • This might be the right option for you if you like a large variety, unique designs and hassle-free shopping. Online fabric shopping also opens a whole world for you to shop from. The best places to buy online fabric also have the options of buying bulk for the savvy  fashionistas and designers.  A disadvantage can be not being able to touch and feel it . worry not though we have also curated a list of things to keep in mind when buying fabric online , so you can start your online fabric shopping journey without worry. 

  • What to look for when buying fabric online :
  1. Fabric type 
  2. Fabric contents 
  3. Fabric width 
  4. Country of origin 
  5. Care instructions 


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