With the dawn of a new year comes a set of new trends to experiment with and what better way to start your summer off than with a little makeover. It's time to set those long coats and thick shawls away and embrace the flared dresses and cotton designs. From beads to prints to the Y2K trends making a return, this year's fashion has us all buzzing with excitement. Below are a few trends we predict will be all the rage this year based on the last few months of 2021 and the spring / summer 2022 fashion weeks. So buckle and get ready to take a few notes because trust us you’ll need them. 

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  1. Beads : 

Starting off with a bang, this year’s stable is going to be beads, beads and more beads. With Y2K making its glorious return, beads are going to play a huge role in our everyday style. But this time it's more understated and spread out with small white pearls taking the top spot. 

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  1. Cut outs : 

This trend is something we’ve seen on influencers to celebrities, from award shows to airport looks and even from Kim Kardashian to megan fox. It's the famous cut outs. You get a cut out, she gets a cut out, everyone gets a cut out !! Take inspiration from designers like Nensi Dojaka, Stella McCartney, and Jacquemus this season with asymmetrical tight tops, slinky midi dresses, and trousers. Cutouts are the best way to elevate any ordinary look into a show stopper. 

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  1. Wrap arounds :

This trend is one of our personal favorites as it can make even the simplest outfit elegant. They combine the light hearted fun of summer wear with the much needed glamour. It can be worn as a day or night look, party or casual wear and can be made from plain or printed fabrics. If you love v-necks and a tight waist, this trend is definitely for you.                             

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  1. Pleated skirts :

Reminiscent of the pleated tennis skirts, this trend is also another staple plucked from the 2000s. This time around though the pleats are more spread out though. Thank god for that. Other than that rule there are no limits to what you can do with this trend. Long, short , mid and slits all skirts  go well together with this. No one gets left behind. 

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  1. Straps :

This last trend has been floating in the background for a couple years now but it is said to really take hold this year. A trend that makes a comeback every decade, it's as old as the fashion industry itself. Straps can be on a top or a skirt , at the chest or as a slit , it can do it all. Although it can be a little daunting at first , you can ease into it by layering it under a t-shirt.