Prints that are guaranteed to enhance any fabric

In the world of online fabric shopping , it is imperative for a consumer to know the different fabrics and designs that can help enhance their look. A pattern can be the difference between an elegant, fashionable outfit and a boring, out of date one. A pattern or design when well placed can create a variety of different looks from traditional, to modern, to cool to even classy. 

   To be able to dress to the nines , one must research to the nines but worry not. We have sorted through a large number of designs and patterns to present you this list so that you can make the perfect design choice that we are sure will help you create a showstopping look.  Without further ado , we present to you prints that are guaranteed to enhance the look of any fabric :



Abstract designs are the latest obsession of fashion designers and fashion lovers everywhere. The designs range from free flowing strokes of colors to geometric designs. These designs can bring life to any dull outfit and are well known for the creativity one can express through them. Abstract designs are heavily influenced by art and can help the one who wears it achieve the same elegance that art usually has. 

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2. Figure designs

A fabric is said to have figure designs when against a plain backdrop there are faces, animals or landmarks. Here the “figure” is repeated throughout the fabric and is known to be extremely eye-catching. These designs can help someone express their likes and dislikes as well as the things they are interested in. The repeated Eiffel tower design is a commonly used  example of this fabric. Although there are endless uses of the designs under this category, the best way to utilize these designs is to pair them with plain clothes. For example, in a suit the shirt can be of this pattern and the rest of the outfit in black or any other color. These fabrics also make excellent bases for accessories like handkerchiefs, pillows or even hand bags.

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3. Ethnic designs

India is a big country with hundreds of different cultures. Many of these cultures practice their own art of clothing and design making. These designs can not only help preserve the art form and help struggling artisans but also give any outfit an instant bohemian chic vibe. Many times these designs also depict stories or sceneries that can transport anybody who looks at them into the world of those designs.

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Finding the right combination of fabric and design can be extremely hard and time consuming especially when done physically through in - person stores. We at Kapada shop understand this problem and stock a wide variety of designs, fabrics and patterns so you can find that perfect fabric all while shopping for fabric online from the comfort of your own home.