The perfect fabrics for any festive look

The perfect time for any one to show off their style and make a bold statement is during the festive season. Be it sarees, Kurtis for lehengas, all of them can be customized to suit your personal tastes and most importantly express your inner self. That is why it is so important to understand the different fabrics available so that you can make the right choice and create the most beautiful outfits. If you are confused about where to look for these fabrics , the best place would be online fabric stores because they carry a large variety of designs in many different fabric types.
  • Organza  - This is the ultimate fabric choice when it comes to festive outfits as the material is lightweight , comes in a large variety of designs and has excellent drapability. In other words it’ll provide the perfect base for you to build your dream outfit on. The only reason not to choose this might be the fact that it won’t be extremely unique and in some rare cases might not be heavy enough for some outfits. The clothes that can be made from this include lehengas, kurtis , kurtas, sarees and tops. 
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  • Silk  Until the 18th century, silk was regarded as a luxury only the royals could afford. Although the  luxurious exterior of the fabric still remains the same the fabric is now more affordable and is used to effectively ellevate any outfit to elegance. The fabric is lustrous and its shine cannot be matched. It is also usually very soft to the touch and is known to accentuate any one's figure. Outfits made from it are very coveted and are extremely durable if kept in the right conditions, where silk sarees are passed from one generation to another. They also come in many different designs and the fabric can be mixed with many other fabrics to create combinations like cotton silk .The outfits that can be made from silk are the same as organza but the look and reputation of a silk saree is unmatched. 
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  • Pleated - The new and latest kid on the block, pleated fabrics are a trend that is here to stay. These fabrics can be easily spotted in a crowd and are very well known for their shine other than the unique pleats obviously. These fabrics come in a very large variety of colors and designs as well as pleat size. Due to this the customization abilities of this fabric are very large and even though you might have the same fabric as another person, there is a large possibility that both your outfits look very different from each other. The outfits that can be made from this include sarees, skirts both long and short, dresses and tops. The dresses made from this are quickly gaining reputation as extremely pretty and are very sought after.

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